Public Training Courses

Public courses are conveniently located in cities near you. Group discounts for groups of three or more are available, contact us for more details.

  • Courses are held in hotels with easy access to airports
  • Contracted discounted hotel rates (typically)
  • Breakfast and lunch provided

Available Courses

Free Consulting Time After Training

Added Bonus!

As an added bonus, Procenius offers 1 free hour of consulting time for each class participant which may be used by the participant or the participant's company within 1 year of the training ($180 value). Learn more...

Design Controls Training

Hands-On Workshops, Small Class Sizes, Open Discussion Training

Procenius's training workshops use a balanced learning approach to consistently engage attendees to ensure an effective learning experience using multiple teaching techniques. Typical classes experience one-third lecture, one-third hands-on workshop time and one-third open discussion learning which enables principles and concepts to be solidified with real-life examples and hands-on applications.

All of Procenius's workshops are taught by medical device design control and risk management experts with both engineering and business backgrounds/education that have extensive experience with hands-on, practical implementation of design control and risk management techniques.

Hands-On Workshops

  • Design Control - Attendees of the design control class will actually implement the design and development process by using a case study to develop design inputs, outputs and verification/validation strategies.
  • Risk Management - This class begins with a review of concepts and principles in ISO:149871:2007 (& EN ISO 14971:2012) and then attendees will implement a full risk assessment including hazard identification, risk evaluation, controls identification and risk mitigation. 

Small Class Sizes - Classes sizes are typically 8-15 attendees to allow for a one on one learning environment where attendees and the instructor can freely interact to allow a real-time learning and feedback experience.

Open Discussion/Consulting Environment Classes are structured to allow attendees to ask specific questions about the design and development challenges they are currently facing with their own medical devices. This approach becomes a learning-rich environment which allows the entire class to benefit from using real-world examples and over-coming real-world problems.