Onsite/Custom Training

Procenius provides the most customized onsite design control and risk management training available. Our instructors research our client's products prior to the training. The products are used during the course exercises, workshops and examples to ensure an enriching training experience. General design control principles are taught and then applied using actual examples including:

  • User need & design input development
  • Design output identification
  • Design transfer process development
  • Verification/Validation methodology development workshops
  • More...

The risk management course includes using our client's products in exercises and workshops to:

  • Identify Hazards & Hazardous Situations
  • Evaluate Risk
  • Control Risk
  • Perform Risk Analysis and Risk Assessments
  • Mitigate Risk
  • Fault Tree Analysis
  • More...

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Design Controls Training

Hands-On Workshops, Small Class Sizes, Open Discussion Training

Procenius's training workshops use a balanced learning approach to consistently engage attendees to ensure an effective learning experience using multiple teaching techniques. Typical classes experience one-third lecture, one-third hands-on workshop time and one-third open discussion learning which enables principles and concepts to be solidified with real-life examples and hands-on applications.

All of Procenius's workshops are taught by medical device design control and risk management experts with both engineering and business backgrounds/education that have extensive experience with hands-on, practical implementation of design control and risk management techniques.

Hands-On Workshops

  • Design Controls & Risk Management - An Integrated Product Development Approach  -This workshop integrates design control and risk management principles into a simulated medical device development life cycle. This workshop is ideal for medical device professionals developing new products and would like to gain a clear understanding of how design controls and risk management should integrated into the product life cycle.
  • Design Control - This class focuses on design control regulation and principles which are reinforced with workshops, exercises and quizzes. Intended for medical device professionals with basic to intermediate knowledge of design control.
  • Risk Management - This class begins with a review of concepts and principles in ISO:149871:2007 (& EN ISO 14971:2012) and then allows attendees to implement a full risk assessment including hazard identification, risk evaluation, controls identification and risk mitigation. 

Small Class Sizes - Classes sizes are typically 8-10 attendees to allow for a one on one learning environment where attendees and the instructor can freely interact to allow a real-time learning and feedback experience.

Open Discussion/Consulting Environment - Classes are structured to allow attendees to ask specific questions about the design and development challenges they are currently facing with their own medical devices. This approach becomes a learning-rich environment which allows the entire class to benefit from using real-world examples and over-coming real-world problems.

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