Purchase Expert Time

Use the applicable "Purchase Time" buttons to equal the quoted expert time (see quote email from Procenius). The same button may be used multiple times to equal the desired amount.

Complete checkout by using the yellow "checkout button" that will display after time is added to cart.



5 Minutes ($17)  [wp_cart_button name="5 minutes" price="17"]

10 Minutes ($33)  [wp_cart_button name="10 minutes" price="33"]

30 Minutes ($100)  [wp_cart_button name="30 minutes" price="100"]

1 hour ($200)  [wp_cart_button name="1 hour" price="200"]

2 hour ($400)  [wp_cart_button name="2 hour" price="400"]

5 hour ($900)  [wp_cart_button name="5 hour" price="1000"]